GW professors show liberal leanings

According to the Washington Post’s Education, Inc. blog, a conservative students group at George Washington University researched the political leanings of the university’s faculty and found evidence of “substantial liberal bias.”

The university chapter of Young America’s Foundation found that 92 percent ($221,490) of political donations by GW faculty in the 2008 primary election cycle went to Democratic candidates, while 8 percent ($20,500) went to Republicans.

Data from the 2004 presidential election showed that faculty donations favored Democrats to Republicans by a ratio of 150 to 3 at Yale, 114 to 1 at Princeton and 406 to 13 at Harvard.

Travis Korson, president of the chapter, cited national trends toward the rejection of Western civilization, Euro-centricism and classical liberal arts in favor of “new academic disciplines such as ‘Queer Studies’ and ‘Africana Studies’ … I’ve had professors openly criticize conservatives in the classroom while denying that the academy leans strongly to the left,” he said.


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