Philosophy professor receives NSF scholar grant

Matthew Haug, assistant professor of philosophy at the College, recently received a Scholar’s Award grant from the National Science Foundation in the amount of $137,297 to help his research of the trends between philosophic naturalism and metaphysics.

“My hope is that the project provides the theoretical resources to clarify, and help resolve, public policy debates about the appropriate uses of pharmaceuticals, cognitive enhancement, and genetic therapies,” Haug said. “It may reveal limitations of these treatments in a way that is consistent with the view that we are physical creatures. Thus, the results of this project will likely be of interest to neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, psychiatrists, and behavioral geneticists, as well as philosophers.”

Haug intends to use the grant money to fund his research of the relationship between the mind and body of an individual throughout the 2010-2011 academic year. The funding will support his work as well as the hiring of a part-time undergraduate assistant who will assist in a literature review of the research.


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