Beyond the Burg Blurbs

    Scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe, Germany have found a way to make objects invisible in three dimensions for the first time. The researchers covered a 0.00004 by 0.00005 inch piece of gold with an invisible cloak made up of crystals with air spaces that could bend light to hide the gold beneath it.

    Fifteen students at Cairo University were arrested for protesting Israeli plans to build new homes in East Jerusalem. Hundreds of students across Egyptian universities have protested but only students from Cairo have been arrested. The students also demonstrated against proposed Israeli plans to name two West Bank Islamic Shrines as Israeli heritage sites.

    University of Calgary students protested against the arrival of Anne Coulter, scheduled to deliver a speech at the school. Coulter has been receiving negative reviews from the start of her Canadian speaking tour. Despite the protest, the $10 show was sold out. Her scheduled talk at the Univ. of Ottawa created enough controversy for the school to cancel the event.

    Tarleton State University rescheduled Terrence McNally’s “Corpus Christi”, a play that depicts a gay Jesus marrying two of his apostles, due to outraged responses from the community. For security reasons, the play will now be limited to invited guests and relatives of the cast. The play has garnered a strong backlash from the Christian community and religious groups.


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