SA yadda yadda yadda Vote Vasold/Goldblatt

Your Student Assembly unanimously passed the Bus Shelter Improvement Act and the Statement of Support for Ending the Cover Sheet Act in addition to two bills that place various referenda on tomorrow’s ballot.

The Bus Act allocates $2,954 for seven cases that will hold bus maps and schedules and be placed at the seven bus shelters in and around campus. Williamsburg actually has a fairly effective bus system and this bill only strengthens it. Students ride the bus for free, leave your car at home next semester.

The Cover Sheet Act endorses the removal of cover sheets from the College’s printing system. If there is a single person on this campus that thinks cover sheets are useful, you are an idiot. It’s also necessary to mention that this bill was lifted the Vasold/Goldblatt platform.

Rather than going through the actual bills I will simply list the referenda that will be on tomorrow’s ballot and how any sensible individual would vote on them.

*Do you support the SA annually funding STI testing? Yes, everyone on this campus needs to have more sex.

*Do you support the SA annually funding flu shots? Yes, everyone on this campus is sick all the time.

*Do you support the SA annually funding print copies of the NY Times? No, it’s a huge waste of paper and by the looks of that big ugly piece of blue cardboard in the Sadler Center entranceway the SA can’t even buy the NY Times anyway.

*Do you support the SA annually funding print copies of the Virginia Gazette? No, that paper sucks.

*Do you support the abolition of the Honor Council? YES!

*Do you have no confidence in the performance of the SA? YES!

That last question is sort of redundant because if you don’t have confidence in the SA all you have to do is vote Vasold/Goldblatt tomorrow. Don’t listen to me, don’t listen to the Flat Hat, read the platform. Brown/Manning are running on a platform of phone numbers on the backs of ID cards and putting a microwave in Mews. If enjoy the SA wallowing in mediocrity (and I have to admit I kind of do) vote for them, but if you want YOUR SA to actually get important things done on this campus (sticking up for workers, protecting student rights, increasing Honor Council oversight, pushing the administration to become more sustainable) your only option is Vasold/Goldblatt. I really want to like Scott/Sadeghian because they seem very nice, but they could very well be the most boring ticket in SA history.
If you think the SA is currently doing all that it could you are lying to yourself and doing your fellow students a disservice. Please, take a chance, go outside your stupid little TWAMP bubble and vote for a ticket who actually cares about something besides their resume.

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