Reuters FOIA’s footage of US soldiers killing unarmed journalists

Seen the latest WikiLeaks sensation? In 2007, U.S. Apache gunners mowed down a group of journalists with a 30mm cannon and then a van carrying children that drove up to aid the wounded. Embarrassing? No… Evil. Let’s face facts, which are as follows:

After the event, the military claimed all those killed were “insurgents,” which now apparently has been extended to mean Namir Noor-Eldeena, freelance photographer working for Reuters and Saeed Chmagh his driver and assistant. I urge you all to see the video for yourselves. You can hear the gunners claim to see one then multiple weapons (the cameras). Someone yells about an RPG getting ready to fire (as one of the reports adjusts his camera). Then they are all gunned down. When a van arrives to pick the wounded, it is also destroyed to gleeful commentary. Isn’t killing those assisting the wounded against the Geneva Convention? Yes, yes it is. Now I’m no expert, but I didn’t see any weapons at all. And why did they fire upon the wounded? Why are we killing people over there? Why are we engaged in a war? In Iraq? At least that is my train of thought…

One thing that makes me especially unhappy with the current regime is the silence of once shrill anti-war liberals to the continuing bloodshed. War is both good and bad. Good for those who benefit and bad for everyone else. War is a Racket, as explained by two-time Medal of Honor recipient Major General Smedley Butler, USMC. War raises the overall price level, as capital and resources are diverted to destruction. Expropriated taxes are funneled straight into the military-industrial complex instead of left in private hands to maximize personal utility. People are killed. Property is destroyed. What are the benefits to the average citizen? Some claim it is a common good called “safety and security.” I dare anyone to argue that we now have more of it. And if you believe that we went into Iraq with nothing but the health, safety, peace and prosperity of the nation at heart, then I’ve got some rental property I’d love to talk to you about…

I’ll leave you with another unhappy thought. The only reason this video was released was due to a FOIA (that’s Freedom of Information Act) request from Reuters. How much similar footage exists that we will never see?


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