Distilling a better alcohol policy

    The Student Assembly has finally proposed some much-needed changes to the College alcohol policy. Changes include removing restrictions on 21 year-olds possessing handles and minikegs. It’s absurd that these policies were included to begin with, especially since they can easily be maneuvered around by buying slightly smaller containers in larger quantities. But, as was more likely the case, students of age merely ignored this regulation. This should not be the sort of relationship the College encourages with its policies. By removing obviously irrational aspects, it will hopefully make what remains a more legitimate and enforceable document. We also support the inclusion of steps for those of-age to gather in redefined “community spaces” to drink alcohol. We won’t know what other changes the SA is advocating until they release the full document for consideration, but of what we’ve seen thus far, it looks like a good first step.


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