Lost: Here we go

Episode recap in 150 words: Off the island, many characters’ lives are beginning to intersect. Locke and Sun’s injuries brought them both to the hospital where Jack works. Sawyer arrested Kate and Sayid. Desmond got Claire to go to a lawyer, who happens to be Ilana, that Jack was meeting to read over his and Claire’s dad’s will. However, on the island, characters’ are dispersing. Sawyer and Kate hijack Smocke’s sailboat with Lapidus, Sun, Hurley, Claire, and Jack, but Jack gets cold feet and swims ashore. That’s just as well since that crew receives a death sentence from Widmore when they get to Hydra Island. Smocke tells Sayid to kill Desmond but Desmond tries to talk him out of it and it is unclear whether he’s alive. When Jack meets back up with Smocke and his crew, Widmore drops bombs on them and Locke drags Jack to safety. Oh yeah, and JIN AND SUN REUNITE!!!!!

“Well, here we go,” Locke said last night. Well here we go indeed! Is it just me or is a lot more shit blowing up on “Lost” than usual? Widmore’s dropping bombs like it’s his job. Although I am fairly sure he did not know Jack was not with his friends on Hydra Island when he ordered the bombing of the beach. Something tells me Zoe is about to get in big trouble for not confirming everyone’s safety.

Speaking of Jack, though, how awesome is he? I know everyone has been kind of down of the doc these past two seasons for failing to take charge but I have really been appreciating his ability to change. And last night, I loved watching him simply let go. Old Jack would have fought Sawyer and tried to get everyone on his side, but New Jack just jumped into the water and swam for shore. But most of all, his reason for leaving has me real excited about what the rest of the season has to offer: “If that thing wants us to leave, maybe he’s afraid about what happens if we stay.” It is a legit point and proves that Jack is firmly in Jacob’s camp as a disciple of the island.

Yet the Number One question raised this week is whether or not Jack is “infected.” Claire seems to think he is, since Smocke spoke to him (which goes back to the whole “stab him before he speaks” thing). However, other people have spoken to Smocke alone before and do not appear to be infected. Sawyer, for example, traipsed across the jungle with him and he’s not complaining about not having feelings anymore. That proof, combined with Jack’s admittance that leaving the island did not feel right (proving he still feels) and his new commitment to the island’s purpose leads me to say that he is definitely not a Smockey. If you disagree, please let me know.

But back to the island scene with Sawyer and Co. versus Widmore’s crew. So we were led to believe that Widmore was about to kill them all. My brother Seth ‘05 thinks he still will knock off at least one to ensure that Smocke can not leave the island – because all of them have to go together – but I do not think (or maybe I’m just desperately hoping since they are all beloved characters) he is going to kill any of them. Sure, he will capture them because he does not know who might be infected, but I think he will let them all live. Besides, if he kills one and that one turns out to be the candidate, Jacob’s ghost will probably go crazy on Widmore. I know what my brother and I think, but what about you all?

Also, I want to start taking bets on Desmond’s life. Did Sayid off him? If we are to believe that Sayid does not feel anything anymore, then theoretically Desmond’s appeal would not have worked and our favorite Scotsman is lying dead in a well. However, perhaps Sayid is not lost forever (as Kate seems to believe about Claire) so what Desmond said could have changed his mind. Let’s hope for the latter because, let’s be honest, we all love that accent.

About all the flash-sideways action, I am excited to see people starting to make connections! There is not really much to say but I like the episodes where people remember the island more. I have been trying to make my LOVE theory apply to each character and am having a hard time. Charlie, Hurley, Faraday, and Des are obviously all taken care of. Sawyer will remember when he happens upon Juliet while Kate and Jack will trigger it for each other. I would say Alex would be the one to conjure up Ben’s feelings but that complicates things since it is not romantic love and they have already interacted closely. Sayid might remember if he sees Shannon, although their relationship was short lived. For Claire, Locke, Michael (if he is involved), Miles, and others, I am not sure if and when they will reach consciousness of the island following my LOVE theory because they had no loves on the island. Maybe for Locke it will be an underground hatch – hahaha! Anyway, I am still sticking to my LOVE theory.

Keep sending me your thoughts and theories! So much was set up in this episode that I want to hear what you all think will come of it!

See ya in another week, brotha!


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