Community: An Episode I Couldn’t Refuse

I’m all about mafia parodies, and “Community” did a great job of theirs. The idea that chicken fingers are a source of power is about as original as I can think. Abed’s voiceover just added to the cinematic feeling of the episode – which I must say, this show does well.

Jeff’s been doing great in his inner struggle to not be in charge. We really got the idea that he was trying not to be fazed by Abed’s usurpation of his power over the group, but it was still hitting a little too close to home. It seemed like Jeff was trying to do the right thing and trying to feel the right emotions toward the situation, but he was only kind of succeeding. In the end, he missed his power too much and in the end attempted to cut of Abed’s power “at the source” – that is, the chicken fryer.

Although I loved this episode, I was kind of bummed we didn’t see any ridiculous community college classes they’re taking. Even the title of the episode was too far off a real course to fit with all the others (side note—thus far I’ve been really impressed that they’ve been able to think of relevant course titles to name each episode…maybe this episode marked the end of their great episode title ideas).

Other than not seeing any class time, though, this was a great episode!


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