Men’s Basketball: Schneider’s Sweet Moves

While the Tribe’s storybook 2009-2010 season has come to a close, we haven’t seen the end of senior guard David Schneider quite yet.

We have seen Schneider take the College from a CAA cellar dweller to a contender, witnessed mind-boggling scoring displays and an endearingly awkward shooting style, but viewers of a viral YouTube video are now getting the chance to see a new side of David Schneider.

The video, which can be watched here or below, showcases Schneider’s previously undiscovered dance skills.

The video, entitled “Chasing Glory”, appears to be for his Modern Dance class. It shows a highlight reel of his basketball career, and then shows about a 30-second clip of the guard’s dancing skills.

For those of you who have witnessed the Schneider’s on-court successes this year, skip to about 3:40 in the video—that’s when the real magic begins.


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