At Georgetown, a town-gown battle of the blogs

Think student-resident relations get tense in Williamsburg? Outside of Georgetown University, a neighborhood man is trying to stop student partying with his new photo blog, “DrunkenGeorgetownStudents.”

According to the Washington Post, professional photographer Steven R. Brown has started taking photos of student debauchery in his historic Burleith neighborhood in an effort to shame students into toning down their fun. Residents and the Burleith Citizens Association have issued many complaints about students’ parties and what they feel is Georgetown’s policy of letting students take over their neighborhood.

Students have retaliated with a spoof blog of their own,
“,” which documents the actions of the “The Man . . . The Myth . . . The Creepy Old Guy who stalks drunk college kids and takes their pictures in the dark of night.”

Georgetown has programs in place to ease town-gown tensions, including a hotline neighborhood residents can call to report complaints, a band of security guards that breaks up parties, and the construction of more on-campus student housing.

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