Smoke in the water

Episode recap in 150 words: Off the island, Jack tries to talk Locke into spinal surgery but he refuses because – as Jack’s snooping reveals – he incapacitated his father, Anthony Cooper, in the same plane crash that broke his spine. On the island, Jack agrees to help Smocke spring Sawyer and Co. but refuses to leave with them. They release them from the Dharma cages and go to the Ajira plane. Smocke finds a bomb aboard and redirects them to the sub. While they are entering the sub, Jack pushes Smocke into the water at Sawyer’s request and Widdies shoot at them, hitting Kate in the shoulder. Everyone but Smocke and Claire make it into the sub but Smocke planted the bomb on it, which exploded on Sayid as he tried to save his friends. Sun gets trapped, Jin refuses to leave, and they die underwater. Hurley, Jack, Kate, and an unconscious Sawyer return to the beach.

With a poignant, underwater hand release, we lost two main characters last night (by the way, I am pissed Jin did not leave Sun – you have a daughter now that you need to care for!) after a third sacrificed his life to try to save the rest of the group. Because he has not been himself the whole season, Sayid’s quick and dirty death was overlooked. But out of the three deaths, his made me the saddest. Although he was “infected” and admitted he had no feelings anymore, Sayid willingly sacrificed his life to save his friends, proving that whatever infection he had was not as bad as everyone made it out to be, and someone without feelings would never care about the well-being of their friends. The fact that Sayid gave up his life proves he was not as bad as we thought which makes his death that much sadder.

Sayid also proved his faith in Jack by telling him where Desmond was and to go get him because he’s necessary if Locke wants him dead. I think Des has a crucial role but I am not sure at this point who is more important – him or Jack. I still think Jack has to be the candidate just because it has always been about Jack and the show never throws curveballs (sarcasm, clearly).

Now for those of you who think that there are only three people from the list (Hurley, Jack, and Sawyer) left, do not forget that Ji-Yeon Kwon still remains! There is still the possibility that Jin and Sun’s beautiful daughter could be the one since she has pretty strong ties to the island (conceived there).

Where were Lapidus, Ben, and Miles? Why did Widmore keep them separate from the pack? I can’t wait for a Ben/Widmore showdown. There is a lot of pent-up resentment there. Will they be able to resolve it for the greater good of the island?

I find it interesting that Widmore had rigged a bomb on the Ajira plane. I am guessing Widmore is trying to kill Smocke, but will take down anyone else on the way while Smocke needs to kill the candidates to escape.

After this episode, I do not think I like Sawyer at all anymore. Why couldn’t he just listen to Jack? Especially after all that Jack has been doing for Sawyer (steal the boat, abandon the boat, push Smocke in the water) without asking for anything in return or even an explanation. But, at the same time, Jack did sound a lot like Locke in the hatch. In the season two season finale, Locke tells Desmond, “Nothing is going to happen. We’re going to be okay” before they blow up the hatch. In this week’s episode, Jack tells Sawyer, “We’re okay. Nothing’s gonna happen.” The parallel statements further illustrate how Jack has been becoming like Locke this season. His faith in the island, sealed by his visit to the lighthouse, differs from Locke’s because he has surrendered to the island, letting go of his past.

Speaking of letting go, I absolutely loved Jack’s speech to Locke in the flash-sideways, not only for the message and Jack’s humility, but also because of the crazy parallels!

JACK: What happened, happened…and…you can let it go.

LOCKE: What makes you think letting go is so easy?

JACK: It’s not. In fact, I don’t really know how to do it myself. And, that’s why I was hoping that…maybe you could go first.

LOCKE: Goodbye, Dr. Shephard.

JACK: I can help you, John…I wished you believed me.

First, “What happened, happened.” It’s a phrase we have heard time and time again and it’s clear the writers are trying to tell us something with it. You cannot undo time, but maybe you can reset it. Second, Jack’s honesty in admitting that he is not good at letting go (never has been) but trying to be better at it. Third, “I wished you believed me,” similar to the phrase we heard Locke whispering in his sleep earlier in the episode…

Clearly Locke was revisiting his suicide note, saying “I wish you had believed me” and his time in the hatch, saying “Push the button.” Whether he remembers his island time, or if Jack’s restatement of the phrase triggered his memory at the end, is unclear.

This week’s episode showed more of Smocke’s power and, to be honest, it scared the crap out of me. The dude appears to be at least semi-omnicient for one, and two, bullets do not penetrate him! I am interested to see how he plans on finishing the rest of the crew.

I agree with Jack’s thinking that Smocke has to get someone else to kill them. It is what I have been saying since the end of last season with “The Rules.” Some force determines who can kill whom. And if Sawyer would have listened to Jack, I bet the bomb would have had some mysterious failure.

I have been getting some flack on the comment board about my LOVE theory. Reader JKMEF disagrees, writing, “I just think they regain their “lost” memories, after certain events have happened, which are similar to the ones that occurred on the island. It is much simpler as a theory, and I don’t think anything in the show objects to it…” Another commenter, lostophile, agrees, saying, “The castaways recollect their island memories through intense an emotional experience.” I recognize the validity in their opinions but so far it all has to do with love (Charlie’s experience was triggered by heroin after he saw Claire but it was seeing her in his delirium that made him realize he had had a previous island life) and it is one of the sweeter theories I have been able to propose so I am sticking with it.

Keep sending me your thoughts and theories!

See ya in another week, brotha!


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