Meme of the Week: Hipster Dinosaurs

Meme of the Week chronicles one meme per week that I, the almost too-literate author of this column, believe truly stood prouder and abover than its meme-peers. If you do not know what a meme is, and are now frustrated that you’ve seen the word used literally one thousand times in the post already, then I pity you from my high and ivory tower of internet knowledge. I would drop a rock on your head from this great height to put you out of your misery, but there are no rocks up here and I don’t feel like climbing all the way down to your level just to find one. Since I am being so generous and not stoning you, the least you could do is continue reading this column, every week, forever.

The hipster meme in general has been dead for at least a century now, but every so often a truly spectacular hipster-related post comes out into the internet wild and causes us to remember the good ole’ days when we could shamelessly enjoy laughing at the skinny jean clad sub-culture. Hipster Dinosaurs is that meme. (Via BuzzFeed )

As you may or may not have learned already, the use of dinosaurs can pretty much turn any bad humor idea (such as making a hipster joke) into brilliance. For example, someone may try to show you a “FAIL” video with some poor kid falling over his bike and kissing the pavement with the braces his parents saved so long for. Normally, fuck this person, they suck and are either in middle school or have chosen to be extremely bad at culture. But if they had sent you a video of a dinosaur falling over his (OR HER!) bike onto the pavement that would have been ridiculously awesome. Not only would it be hilarious, but also impressive that he was able to find real life footage of a dinosaur riding a bicycle. Everyone knows they tend to only skateboard! In any case, take a moment and try out this dinosaur theory for yourself. I will wait. But not too long as I have a very busy appointment coming up because I am very important.

If you care to now see the hipster dinosaurs I have been hyping oh so very much the last few paragraphs, continue scrolling down. If you are too scared because dinosaurs are scary and hipsters can be intimidating, feel free to exit out of this post now but make sure you come back next week! Also don’t steal anything on your way out. That would be unchill.


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