Behind Closed Doors: How to play dirty

    One of the biggest secrets kept on campus has been the prevalence of sex toy parties, known as pleasure or slumber parties. These parties have been occurring frequently within student clubs, sports teams, freshman dorms, and even sorority houses. I have been lucky enough to attend one of these parties, and it was intense. Everything from the introduction games, presentation of the toys and the advice along the way is done in a way that titillates the senses and sparks curiosity. If you have not been to a pleasure party, I suggest you attend one as soon as possible. Not only are they great social events, but they also will make your sex life blossom.

    Most of these parties start out with an icebreaker-type game such as blow and thrust. In this game a person has to open a condom, blow it up, and attach it to his or her behind while his or her partner has to thrust in an attempt to pop it. Games like this get people up and moving, while also making everyone more comfortable. After the initial games, the toys come out. The sales representative brings out a wide variety of toys and accessories. There are vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, whips, chains, and lubricants. There are vibrators with grooves, bumps, curves and clitoral knobs. The dildos range in size from three inches to “how does that fit?” The sales rep passes around each toy and allows you to test the weight and power of its vibrations. Even the most timid person enjoys testing out potential toys.

    Alongside such obvious attractions as dildos and vibrators, many of these parties also include novelties such as pheromone sprays, edible underwear and, according to one sales rep, the bestseller: “coochy.” Coochy is a shaving cream that allows for clean bikini lines with no razor bumps. Products like this show that there is something for everyone, even beginners. For the more advanced toy collector there is the Rabbit — the golden standard in vibrators. While more expensive than traditional vibrators, the Rabbit has more features than any other vibrator on the market. It includes a long shaft which has a rotating middle made of pearl-like beads, but its greatest asset is the clitoral vibrating ears. The ears, from which the Rabbit gets its name, rests on the clitoris as the shaft penetrates — this type of dual sensation quickly leads to orgasm.

    The Rabbit is usually one of the best-selling products and if you find yourself being passed one while at a pleasure party, be sure to check out all the features. It will not be a letdown.

    Toys are a great thing to add to your sex life, and at these parties you get a first-hand account of what is in and popular. Another great benefit of attending a pleasure party is the sheer amount of information available. The sales reps are extremely knowledgeable in sex and sexual exploration and can help you find the product that suits you best. Many sexual issues and frustrations, which you may be too embarrassed to talk about in any setting, can be discussed in the laid-back and non-judgmental atmosphere of a sex toy party. You will find yourself discussing your sexual needs very vocally, and this type of release can be therapeutic. You might become aware of desires you never knew you had.

    In the College of William and Mary service-orientated spirit, the proceeds from sex toy parties can be given to charity, or even used by the organizations as a way to fundraise. There are great reasons to attend these parties, but for the host the incentives are usually higher. Many sales reps offer free products or gift certificates to those who host the party. So, if you and your friends frequently find yourself bored on weekend nights, consider spicing up your nightlife be throwing your own pleasure party.

    __Aishaah Reed is the Flat Hat sex columnist. She advocates getting playful in the bedroom.__

    _Editor’s note: One or more comments were deleted for being deemed obscene, frivolous or off topic._


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