Up with self-promotion, down with mental health

As they always do, Your Student Assembly clearly demonstrated why a vast majority of students have no idea or reason to care about the SA. This was made all the more obvious when the senate passed a bill requiring that the new student activities vans (coming in October, apparently) be branded with the phrase “Brought to you by the Student Assembly.”

Instead of childishly declaring its accomplishments to the student body, might I suggest that the senate attempt to hold a meeting in under two hours that is not completely overshadowed by meaningless bullshit. Maybe, if and when students read about the actions of their representatives in campus news sources, they didn’t have to sift through paragraphs detailing the banality of the life of an SA member, then students would be more abreast of the actual accomplishments of the SA.

Regarding actual accomplishments, the Student Health Act II allocates $15,000 from the consolidated reserve to fully subsidize STI testing at the health center, including tests for Human Papilloma Virus and Hepatitis A.

Regarding colossal missteps, the SA has now set an October 5 deadline for the counseling center to hire a new counselor, that if not met will return the allocated $57,000 dollars back to the CR. When the SA voted to make this allocation last Spring, it was in the wake of the second student suicide of the semester and few senators where willing to speak out against the allocation during such a tragic time. This summer the counseling center was unable to hire an additional counselor because a retirement forced them to fill a vacant position. I do not anticipate that the counseling center will meet this deadline because hiring an employee entrusted with the sanities of college students is hard. This bill merely allows those senators not in favor of the original allocation to take advantage of extenuating circumstances and to vote the bill down during a time when last semester’s tragedies are a distant memory


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