SA buys rooms, Reveley denies TLSC allegations

Heeding a least a kernel of my advice, Your Student Assembly has drastically shortened meeting times by merely allocating $2,004 for two new study rooms in Swem and the requisite white boards. I don’t even know how you just create a room and my only point is that a study room is just a room. I’m reasonably sure the College has plenty of rooms.

Foreseeing a brief meeting, I fulfilled my daily quota of minutia by attending an open forum with College President Taylor Reveley.

Full disclosure: Today was the beginning of a self-imposed embedment in the Tidewater Labor Support Committee. While the meeting also heard concerns ranging from parking availability to the condition of the College’s endowment, a substantial portion of TLSC talked to Reveley about the pay and treatment of the College’s housekeeping, maintenance and kitchen staffs. Reveley told those students about the College’s rich tradition of scholasticism as he denied their information. TLSC maintains that there are at least 7 vacant positions that have resulted in the overwork of the housekeeping staff and the uncleanness of the College’s living space. You don’t have to be writing about it to do some simple research. Ask those cleaning your dorms and the common space on-campus about the health of their staff, their schedule and their other job.


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