Controversial church protests Lt. Weaver’s ’08 funeral

    Three women from the Westboro Baptist Church protested the funeral of fallen American soldier 1st Lt. Todd Weaver ’08 early Saturday afternoon. Weaver was killed in Afghanistan Sept. 9.

    The church members displayed signs near the Williamsburg Community Chapel, where a memorial for Weaver was scheduled to be held at 2 p.m. The demonstration took place at the corner of John Tyler Highway and Eagle Way, adjacent to Jamestown High School.

    The chants and placards of the Westboro Baptist Church members were met with a larger counter-protest of over 100 people, including students from the College of William and Mary and members of the Patriot Guard, who displayed signage in favor of patriotism as well as American troops. Residents of neighborhoods along John Tyler Highway stood on their streets to show support for the United States.

    The protest was peaceful with a strong police presence monitoring the gathering.

    _Check back with The Flat Hat later today for a full story on this event._


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