Behind Closed Doors: Don’t let halloween scare away your sex life — spice things up

    Fall has arrived, and the weather has gone from warm to chilly, making this the best time to bundle up with your sweetie and warm up the atmosphere. October is such a busy month for so many different reasons — there are midterms, papers, club commitments, Homecoming and so many other things which get in the way of leisure time. The best way to de-stress and warm up is by keeping things hot with your sexual partner.

    Scary movies are abundant during this time of year, and are great additions to any relationship. The tense scenes and moments of horror allow for plenty of contact. Guys love to hold their girl close when they’re scared. And girls — you have to admit it feels pretty good. By the end of the movie, you may be doing a lot more than just watching. This works well for couples who are just getting to know each other. The scary moments in the movie are the perfect excuse to forget your inhibitions and jump into your partners arms.
    The lack of good heating systems in many of the dorms leaves our rooms pretty cold all winter. I like to relax with my partner by sharing a blanket. We get to cuddle and spend time with each other, and most importantly keep warm. To make things even more interesting, sometimes we are completely naked underneath — the human body gives off a lot of heat. This is both a sensual experience and a lot of fun. Of course, cuddling naked often leads to other things, and before you know it the whole room is quite warmed up.

    Another great thing about fall is Halloween, which is now just around the corner. Everyone gets to dressing up and partying the night away. But what about trying some kinky Halloween role-playing? The possibilities are endless. I’ve always had a thing for vampires, long before “Twilight,” I might add. Whether you like the suave and alluring Dracula seeking sexual gratification or if you’re into Superman, you can find out what it would be like if superman and wonder woman got together for a night filled with passion. The only way to find out is to act it out. If you want to get really adventurous use the theme of Halloween to incorporate bondage into your sex life. Tie your partner up and incorporate sex toys to use as “torture” devices — think Frankenstein. This is a fun way to share your interest with your partner and have great sex too.

    Don’t let fall’s darkening skies and cold weather get you down. Instead, use it as a reason to spice things up with your partner.

    __Aishaah Reed is a Flat Hat sex columnist. She has a large costume box in her closet.__


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