SA meets without yours truly

It occurred to me recently that since no senior senators have been involved in the Student Assembly for all of their four years at the College, I have been to more senate meetings than any other active College student. I haven’t missed a single meeting since I started covering the senate my freshman year. When a friend told me that his stepfather e-mailed him a coupon for a 25 percent discount at TGI Friday’s, I was enthralled.

I didn’t go to Tuesday night’s senate meeting and, shockingly, they still had quorum. My sources told me that the senate paid for the transportation costs for two of Whitney Mayer’s relatives to come to campus. The SA spent $50,000 for a band that has yet to be named to play Charter Day and yet they still debated covering the traveling costs of two people that came to campus under the most tragic of circumstances. Learning this information after the fact, I couldn’t have been happier with my decision to miss the meeting in favor of a pleasant evening at TGI Friday’s.

The SA takes for granted that student publications still pay attention to them regardless of their utter incompetence and their constant habit of debating the undebatable and thoughtlessly approving the dumbest of initiatives. As someone who has tirelessly covered this organization I am guilty of humoring them more than anyone. It may be time for student publications to take some advice from the student population and stop paying attention to this petty and insensitive institution.


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