Lendway ’11 resigns as SA secretary of finance

    Paul Lendway ’11 resigned as the College of William and Mary Student Assembly secretary of finance.
    The position is responsible for budgeting and appropriating approximately $700,000 annually for student organizations and campus events.

    Lendway said several factors led to his resignation.

    “Most importantly, my professional and academic priorities did not allow me to devote the time required to meet the student body’s financial means,” he said in an e-mail. “I am confident in the Student Assembly’s ability to choose a motivated and competent replacement.”

    SA President Chrissy Scott ’11 said that she, in conjunction with the executive and finance departments, would work to complete the budget in Lendway’s absence, and that a replacement would likely be appointed internally.

    “Paul did a great job bringing in undersecretaries of finance and training them,” she said. “We’re grateful that we have these people to help out.”


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