The Virginia Monologues: Things I used to find weird about the U.S. of A

…that now seem perfectly normal and fine.

– “I’m obsessed with you.” If someone (most likely a relative stranger) said that to me in England I’d probably take out a restraining order.

– Not having phone reception. Why would you ever need to text someone from inside a building?

– The way all Americans talk to themselves. Seriously, everyone provides a running commentary on their own lives. I used to find it seriously weird and now I’ve caught myself doing it multiple times.

– Insects. When the first few ESNA girls started to venture across the pond, they all talked about the weird noises the insects make in the trees and for the first few weeks after we arrived, it was all I could hear, all the time. Now I hardly even notice.

– Getting up early. Seriously, if you’d have suggested a 9.15 breakfast to me last year I would have laughed in your face.

– PRACTICALITY. Seeing girls all dressed up to go out, completing their look with rainboots and a raincoat, no longer seems weird. (Has to be said I draw the line at taking bee sting ointment to a party…)

– Baseball caps (often backwards) & tie-dye.

– The lack of healthy food. Burgers and cookies are now a staple. Dessert after breakfast? Sure. (THIS HAS GOT TO STOP)

– Country music. Now I think it’s weird if we go to a party and Wagon Wheel isn’t played.

– “Hey girl!” If we said it in England we’d probably receive a slap to the face but I can’t help it, this one is in my vocabulary now and it’s staying.

– Red cups and beer pong. The novelty of natty light is slowly dying…

And the one thing that will never seem normal:

– Fleece. Have your rain boots and your backpacks and whatever else, but for the love of God, can we please abandon the fleece?

(p.s this is not an anti-fleece rant, more a very weird cultural difference so don’t get offended you many fleece wearers out there – enjoy it! At least you are warm whilst us brits are freezing to death in inappropriate non-outdoor wear!)


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