Around Town: Lady At The Research Desk

Jennifer Cummings is entering her third week as a College of William and Mary employee. She works at the research desk on the first floor of Swem Library. She majored in biology as an undergrad at Virginia Tech and later received a M.L.I.S (Master of Library and Information Science) at the University of South Carolina. When asked about her favorite thing about College students thus far, Cummings responded “I really enjoy it here, I like that everyone comes here for a specific reason. I’ve met a variety of people from different places but they all have one thing in common — they’re students.” She added that she enjoys her position because it’s “sort of like a scavenger hunt, you have to use all sorts of different methods to find your answers. Also, by helping people with their research, I actually learn new things too.”

On a more personal level, Cummings has a six-year old son named Nathan. He’s a first grader who likes drawing turtles. For Halloween this year, Nathan will sport a Super Mario costume. He has really embraced his Mario persona and he’s even taken to calling his mom “Mamma Mia” and “pumping his fist in the air saying ‘Mario Time!’” Cummings’ hobbies include reading and spending time with her son, her husband Scott and her dog, Buddy. She actually grew up and went to school right here in Williamsburg. Having been asked about her favorite and least favorite thing about living in Williamsburg, she said she likes the small town aspect of it as she can run into people she went to school with and just see how it’s changed. This, however, was a segue into her least favorite aspect. Because of the small town feel of Williamsburg, she said it’s “hard to get new experiences and meet new people.”

Cummings seems to love it here so far. Stop by and say hello, regardless of whether you need research help.


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