Virginia General Assembly moves to protect faith-based adoption services

The General Assembly is moving to pass a bill that would permit faith-based adoption agencies to deny placements that conflict with their religious beliefs, The Washington Post reported. The House of Delegates voted 71 to 28 to pass the measure Friday. Opponents argue that the bill perpetuates discrimination. The Board of Social Services has already adopted regulations that some say allow discrimination based on gender, religion or sexual orientation.


  1. This headline is extremely slanted – come on, Walter. The House Bill to which this is referring allows adoption agencies that receive state funding, a very important point, to discriminate based on the adoptive parents’ sexual orientation and religious and political beliefs, among other things.

    I think the Washington Post article you’re alluding to ran with the headline: “Va. House approves bill allowing private adoption agencies to discriminate against gays.” Here’s the link:


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