Student Affairs undergoes reorganization


Many of the departments that students rely on most heavily have received a makeover after an 18-month review of the Division of Student Affairs revealed to administrators that those departments needed greater overall integration.

“[The idea was] to see whether when the division was completely pulled apart and put back together, if it would be done in the same way,” Vice President of Student Affairs Ginger Ambler ’88 Ph.D. ’06 said.

The verdict: Things needed to change.

Campus living, health and wellness, engagement and leadership, student success, and career development cover vastly different aspects of life at the College. Those aspects, however, have merged to represent the five areas of the newly remodeled Division of Student Affairs.

“The goal in all this has been to align our staff, offices and priorities with the broad mission and vision of the College and in the best interests of the students we serve,” said Ambler.

In the past, four major areas of health and well-being were organized under multiple supervisors. After the review, health and wellness now includes the health center, the counseling center, campus recreation, and health promotion and education. These five areas will also all fall under the supervision of Ambler.

Recreational Sports received a makeover under its new title of Department of Campus Recreation.

“We are very excited about the change,” Associate Director of Campus Recreation Bob Gough said.  “The term campus recreation is all-encompassing of the programs and services we offer. The changes that have been made are mostly visual; our philosophy, values, and mission statement are all the same. If anything, this furthers our values.”

Along with the already established programs that fall under Student Affairs, a new department, Student Leadership Development, was created.

“We still have the same responsibilities, but what feels different, at least to me, is that my title reflects the new thematic area of focus, and the way we foster opportunity is where the new vision comes in,” Associate Director of Greek Life and Leadership Anne Arseneau said. “Thematic areas make sense for how we do the work that we do.”

Greek life is one part of the new Student Leadership Development department. According to Ambler, departments have been aligned so that those that are closely related fall under the same thematic area.

“[Student Affairs is now] organized in a way that we can do our best work for students,” Ambler said. “I hope that students continue to seek out the people and offices that they are used to. From the student experience viewpoint, the people are still here, but now we are organized in a way that we can be more collaborative and creative.”


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