Board of Visitors commend scholarships and fundraising initiatives

A panel presented TED-talk style speeches on of free speech in the media followed by a discussion. FILE PHOTO / THE FLAT HAT


Vice Chair of the Committee on Development Thomas R. Frantz ’70 J.D. ’73 M.L.T. ’81 introduced Associate Vice President for Development Earl T. Granger III ’92 M. Ed. ’98.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished to date as a development division and look forward to moving very powerfully forward for our college,” Granger said before submitting two resolutions, which were promptly approved by the BOV.

The first resolution thanked Carol Sherman and Shirley Roby for the establishment of the Roby-Sherman Scholarship, which benefits those students who have an interest in dance. The theater, speech and dance department selects recipients according to talent and dedication to dance. Funds may be used to pursue summer studies in dance or for tuition during the school year.

The second resolution commends the charitable remainder trust donated by Harry F. Stern to establish the Virginia Institute of Marine Science Endowment, which will help fund operations at VIMS.

Before the meeting proceeded, Rector Jeffrey B. Trammel ’73 asked the co-chairs of the Senior Class Gift Committee, Lemondre Watson ’13 and Diana Villarreal ’13, to stand and be recognized for the work they are doing.

“In many ways the senior class gift sets the tone for our entire development operation,” Trammel said.

Before discussing fundraising strategies, the BOV moved to a closed session and all observers were asked to leave.





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