BOV Committee on Athletics presents student athlete

Following a closed session, the College of William and Mary Board of Visitors Committee on Athletics discussed student athletes. Director of Athletics Terry Driscoll introduced Mallory Schaffer ’13, a midfield on the women’s soccer team, and showed a brief video on Schaffer compiled by head coach John Daly.

“[Schaffer] has been an outstanding success on the soccer field, [and] she’s been a tremendous person within the community,” Daly said in the video.

Driscoll said Schaffer was what the College was looking for in both a student and an athlete. Schaffer introduced herself and described her love for  the College.

“My experience here has been a bit of a fairy tale for me,” Schaffer said. “It’s everything I ever hoped for in the college experience, both in an athletic standpoint and an academic standpoint.”

When Schaffer was finished, Driscoll discussed the realignment of the Colonial Athletic Association’s. East Carolina University recently joined the Big East Conference. Driscoll described ECU as unique, only allowing its football team to play Big East schools while the other teams at ECU will play in different conferences.

Driscoll also spoke about the future of Tribe athletics and the possibility of other schools joining the CAA.

“At this point, I know that we’ll be having conversations with people to gather intelligence and to determine what interest level any of these other institutions might have in joining the CAA,” Driscoll said.

Driscoll also showed the BOV the College Athletics website, featuring photos, interviews with coaches, game schedules, and player profiles. “One of the goals of our department is to capture as much content as we can,” Driscoll said.


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