Undocumented Immigrants may be able to Pay In-state Tuition

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Undocumented immigrants might have the same chance as any Virginia resident has to pay in-state college tuition. The Daily Press reported that six bills, two in the Senate and four in the House, seek to change Virginia law by adopting updated qualifications and standards for undocumented immigrants to access in-state college tuition. The state legislation parallels renewed federal efforts to revise the nation’s immigration policy under the Obama administration. According to the Department of Planning and Budgeting, granting students in-state college tuition would have little financial impact on the commonwealth. The bill will be welcomed by the immigration population, as thousands of students will be eligible for some sort of financial assistance under these bills’ provisions.

Read the full story here: http://www.dailypress.com/news/breaking/va-vg-virginia-mulls-instate-tuition-for-undocumented-immigrants-20130120,0,3411455.story


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