“Kings and Queens don’t bow to Dukes”: SA approves Chaney, Holden’s combined Homecoming T-shirt design

Based on bills passed in Tuesday’s Student Assembly senate meeting, students can look forward to portable toilets at future tailgates and to student-run events during Homecoming week. Both the Grand Royal Throne Act and the Homecoming Grant Round 3 Act passed unanimously.

Additionally, 36 freshmen and two seniors are running for vacant positions among the Class of 2017 and Class of 2014 senate seats in the elections scheduled for Sept. 26.

Undergraduate Council Chair and Class Treasurer Brett Prestia ’14 named Lucy Holden ’16 and Briana Chaney ’15 the winners of the Homecoming T-shirt design contest.

The T-shirt, which will be sold a few weeks before Homecoming, combines Holden’s motto —“Kings and Queens don’t bow to Dukes” — with Chaney’s design.

“We really loved … Lucy [Holden]’s motto, and we put it on the back,” Prestia said. “In the front, we really liked Briana’s coat of arms — the royal dual symbol. … We think both designs together produce the best shirt.”

The newly approved Homecoming Grant Round 3 Act allocates up to $1,500 to give to various student organizations that apply to run a campus-wide event during Homecoming week.

“This is 12.15 percent of the reserve,” Sen. Colin Danly ’15 said. “That is a big chunk of the reserve. That being said, this money is allocated but not necessarily subject to being spent, and Homecoming is a big event.”

Last year, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Pi, Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Alpha and Alpha Epsilon Pi received a total of $10,126 from the SA to run events during Homecoming week.

“Over the years, this body — and I think the finance committee as well — has been particularly inclined to make sure that Greek organizations don’t get any special treatment,” Danly said. “We encourage the other student organizations to apply and we recognize the Greek organizations that do apply and host a lot of events, but we also understand the importance of having non-Greek organizations at Homecoming.”

As passed, the Grand Royal Throne Act allocates up to $850 to provide two portable toilets at the new tailgating venues for every home football game.

“One of the biggest complaints from the tailgate was the lack of toilets,” Sen. Daniel Ackerman ’16 said. “They would not let us use the ones inside of Kaplan, and the Rec was not a big fan of people going inside to use the facilities.”

The senator policy committee is also reviewing the College of William and Mary’s mandatory meal plan policy in relation to Resident Assistants.

“We want to see if there’s some way we can help them out if an RA doesn’t necessarily want to have a meal plan,” Sen. Peter Lifson ’14 said. “We feel that they are providing a service for the school and that maybe some of them should be compensated if they want to pursue other options.”


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