Brace yourself for frozen trails

Watch the roots. Don’t slip on the leaves. Steady your breath. Pick up the pace.

Jogging the Fitwell trails is fun and refreshing year-round. In the winter, the crisp air adds a much-needed boost to your workout

Like any trail-blazing adventure, a few extra preparations are necessary before treading the Fitwell paths.

First, determine your desired mileage. There are two different trails: one is about three miles long, the other about five.

Next, gear up. Although Virginia winters are not as brutal as those up north, appropriate apparel is crucial. This is when your pom-pom adorned, ostentatiously green and gold College of William and Mary hat comes in handy.

Finally, start running.

If you chose the shorter trail and are feeling inspired, stop about halfway and complete revolutions of flutter kicks and crunches on the dock. Or, simply plop down and gaze at the murky yet serene lake water. If you’re lucky, a turtle may peer out from behind an tree.

To many, running outside in the winter is uncomfortable. The biting winds are too harsh against baby-soft cheeks and ears. To the fearless, however, the cold means nothing more than fewer sweat stains and a brightly flushed face.

Whether in search of a new exercise routine or as part of a New Year’s resolution, take to the woods this winter. Your body will enjoy the challenge — and the squirrels, your company.



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