Walking in a winter wonderland

The word “winter” often fills college students with more chilled fear than warm pleasure. Winter means freezing cold walks often accompanied by miserable weather, cramming for exams, and inhabiting the library with a thousand other stressed students. Here at the College of William and Mary, however, winter also brings colonials in hats and scarves, rich coffee and bright Colonial Williamsburg wreaths. As a new student at the College, I have discovered that winter also means as much coffee as you can drink and some of the best scenery in Virginia.

As a TWAMP it is essential to have a CW stein to procure free drinks for the year in the historic town. Once a mug is acquired, the next logical step is coffee and a little exploration. Two weeks before finals, this TWAMP discovered the magic a walk can bring to a stressed college student. There is no better way to relax from lecture or take a break from studying than to bundle up and head to CW to walk alongside colonials with a hot drink and talk about life 200 years ago. CW adds the perfect contrast to a busy college winter and the perfect atmosphere for a walk alone or with a friend. It is impossible to pass up such a magical and warming experience no matter the state of your research paper or the progression of your studying.

Here at the College, winter takes on a new meaning. Winter means relaxation, comfort and fun right outside your door.


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