Best of the Burg: Coffee and atmosphere that’s out of this world

Avid coffee drinkers know that the experience is not solely about the taste of the coffee —atmosphere is important too. In both of these categories, Aromas World surpasses the needs of its customers, offering delicious coffee and a cozy atmosphere to make patrons from all backgrounds feel welcome.

Aromas has only been around since 2000 — a short time in comparison to the College of William and Mary — yet it has become a popular gathering for students. When students simply need to get away from campus for a couple of hours or want a place to study outside of Earl Gregg Swem Library, Aromas is the place to go. Customers can grab a cup of coffee and go, but more often you’ll see people writing in journals, typing away on their computers, listening to live bands, or conversing with their peers — discussing everything from group psychology projects to philosophy papers to relationship troubles.

Aromas wins the award for the best coffee shop, and it deserves it with seven different flavors of coffee and espresso drinks, such as the s’mores latte and Tribe mocha. The coffees are always freshly brewed, so another great thing about this coffee shop is the inviting smell. Aromas offers several others kinds of hot drinks, like hot chocolate and (my favorite) the chai latte, as well as cold drinks, such as fruit smoothies, blended coffee smoothies and creamsicle delight.

Besides drinks, Aromas sells a variety of food options. You could stop by during the morning for an omelet and homemade ground grits, go again at lunchtime to grab a sandwich and soup of the day, and even visit a third time in the evening to check out the dinner menu, which includes Caribbean blackened salmon, white pita “pizza” and more. The bakery inside is tantalizing, and it could be a significant factor in the dreaded freshmen 15, offering both vegan and gluten-free options.

Next time you desire a cup of caffeine to keep you awake for an exam, need to define the relationship, or want a warm atmosphere to write down your thoughts, visit Aromas, and you can even bring your pet along with you. Finally, make sure to grab a punch card, because if you visit once, you’ll have to go back.


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