Green Ties Are Compulsory For Freshmen Under New Frosh Code – September 21, 1928

With fewer restrictions than high school and more space to exercise one’s self-expression, college represents a period of freedom for most college freshmen. Whether you choose to weather the William and Mary fashion gauntlet in preppy sundresses and Sperrys or laid back sweats and Uggs, at the end of the day, the world is yours regardless of the state of your wardrobe. However, college life was not so lenient for the newest members of the Tribe in 1928. The following article by an uncited author outlines the rules and restrictions that applied to freshmen under the Supreme Court’s “Frosh Code”. Violations included meeting with girls before 4 P.M., missing class or home sporting events, leaving campus, or even wearing spirit wear from other schools. Check out the full article below and keep count of how many rules you’ve broken today alone.

Freshmen Rules

The Freshmen Class will govern themselves by the following rules:

  1. Freshmen shall wear a regulation cap of green, gold and silver on all days except Sundays and holidays. This cap shall also be worn inside at all indoor sports, and all dances except private and formal.

  2. Freshmen shall wear a standard green four-in-hand tie on every day except Sundays and holidays.

  3. Freshmen shall stay on sidewalks at all times when they are on campus. Old men have no power or authority to take freshmen across campus with them.

  4. Freshmen shall attend all meetings of their classes, all meetings of the student body, all rallies, all celebrations, and all bonfires.

  5. Freshmen shall attend all home games and shall stay in the grandstand, bleachers, or other places designated for them during the entire game unless called upon to participate in demonstrations.

  6. Freshmen shall not converse with co-eds before 4 o’clock, except on Sundays and holidays. They shall not attend any athletic contests accompanied by co-eds.

  7. Freshmen shall carry matches at all times, except holidays.

  8. The foregoing rules are to be enforced until the first Friday in May when appropriate celebration shall mark the passing of the freshman class from its period of training.

  9. Freshmen shall attend Supreme Court to be held at the time and place designated by the Senior Class.

  10. Freshmen shall not wear belts or monograms of other schools; this rule also applies to upperclassmen transfers.

  11. Freshmen entering college at the beginning of the second semester shall observe the foregoing rules until the end of the college year.

  12. Freshmen shall show due respect to members of the administration and faculty, and upperclassmen


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