Gillespie’s five-point plan proves success

Last Saturday night, Ed Gillespie visited the College of William and Mary for a BBQ cookout behind the Campus Center. It was a chilly night — starting to feel like late autumn — and people were gathered around the giant grill to get a plate of pulled pork and to stay warm. But everyone was in good spirits, and the food was excellent. Good country music was playing out of an open truck door, and the atmosphere was casual and refreshing.

The election is this Tuesday, and Virginia is a pretty big state, so I was very impressed that Gillespie took the time to come to our college for an event like this. When it was time for his stump speech, Gillespie stepped up on the grill trailer, introduced his wife and, with a love-filled grin, told the story of how they met. He spoke confidently about his plan to jumpstart the economy, appealing to the college students by reminding everyone that economic growth translates into more job opportunities for young people. I’ll be graduating in May, and Gillespie’s message resonates with me.

Gillespie’s pro-economic growth platform tackles the real issues affecting Virginians. The problem right now is that a lot of folks are facing headwinds. Hours are being cut, take-home pay is going down, and healthcare costs are rising. These devastating conditions are the effect of incumbent Senator Mark Warner, and his blind adherence to the Obama agenda. But Virginians should not accept this as the new normal. Ed Gillespie’s pro-growth policies will make the economy strong, so that Virginians can feel good about the future.

Gillespie’s five-point plan for economic growth will repeal and replace the un-Affordable Care Act, strive to make the United States energy independent, cut regulations and reform the tax code, expand school choice and encourage education innovation, and balance the nation’s budget.

Gillespie’s healthcare replacement has been called a credible alternative to Obamacare. His proposal will continue to protect patients with pre-existing conditions. His plan, which includes considering employee insurance benefits as taxable income after the $20,000 tax break ceiling is met, has been analyzed by independent groups like the Center for Health and Economy, and is projected to save upward of $1 trillion over ten years. Folks who buy their own insurance would be offered age-adjusted tax credits and a one-time credit of $1,000 to encourage every household to begin building a health savings account. Gillespie’s plan would save money, give power back to the consumer, and remove the threat of an employer mandate, which has been ironically postponed, although it has already cost millions of Americans hours of work and take-home pay. The structure of Gillespie’s replacement plan is more advantageous for the young and healthy, who under the ACA are unfairly burdened with much of the program’s cost.

Gillespie supports an all-of-the-above energy plan. He wants the U.S. to become energy independent. I agree with him; as a matter of national security, it is in our nation’s interest to have secure access to vital energy resources. Gillespie supports the construction of the Keystone Pipeline — an issue that Warner balked on, but that is important to our country’s success.

Gillespie supports the formation of charter schools and believes that students and their parents should be able to make decisions regarding education. The quality of our school system will continue to improve through innovation and school choice.

Gillespie understands the effects of globalism on business. Instead of berating companies that are relocating for tax purposes, and penalizing companies that courageously stay despite the uncompetitive tax environment, Gillespie believes that we should be attracting businesses by reducing our nation’s marginal business tax. As Senator, Gillespie will vote to pass a balanced budget and will target wasteful spending to ensure our country’s financial solvency.

I encourage you to look up Gillespie’s policies for yourself, as well. Gillespie is focused on improving conditions for Virginians. His pro-growth policies are what we need to get the economy going. I’ll be voting for Gillespie Nov. 4; let’s get Virginia back to work.

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  1. You say Warner “balked” on the keystone pipeline but really he was protecting the future of the planet. Obviously you’re a republican if you don’t give a shit about the environment and the awful wasteland keystone will turn the central US into


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