“Surviving and thriving” in Williamsburg

Updates since my last blog: I’ve learned to cook more, and yes, I would say I’m surviving and thriving this summer.

The more time I’ve spent in Williamsburg over the summer, the more I’ve really come to appreciate it. With a campus as beautiful as ours, I really don’t mind walking around and taking in the views, even if there are fewer people around. I guess ‘peaceful’ is the word that I’d use to describe it. There’s definitely a much more laid back pace, and I really enjoy it.

Despite the fact that I’ve started taking a class this summer, I still find that the summer session allows me to find a great balance between leisure time and work. Furthermore, you get to spend time hanging out with people that might be outside of your usual ‘group,’ so to speak. So despite the lack of people on campus, there are still ways for you to branch out and get to know others. One of the things I want to try before the summer ends is to venture around Williamsburg more — areas that aren’t right around campus. By that, I mean check out some beaches, go blueberry picking, find a site with a short hike, etc.

I’m finally on that level where watching the Food Network doesn’t intimidate me as much, and neither does a brand new recipe to try out.

One of the things I’m actually really proud of is my newfound ability to cook. For the first time, I’m making things from scratch. I’m finally on that level where watching the Food Network doesn’t intimidate me as much, and neither does a brand new recipe to try out. Yes, I’m one of those people that takes picture of all my meals now. They look pretty and they’re now a source of my pride, too.

On a different note, some movies that I’ve seen lately are “Jurassic World,” “Ted 2,” “Inside Out,” and “Trainwreck.” First off, “Inside Out.” I cannot say enough about it — 10 out of 10, I highly recommend. I cried twice and I’ve watched it twice, but I’m also a huge sap. I just thought it had a ton of good points to make, and who doesn’t want to check out yet another magical Pixar movie? If that isn’t enough to persuade you to watch it, just look up the cast for that movie.

As for “Ted 2,” I pretty much went in with no expectations. Overall, it was actually pretty funny. Mini-spoiler alert: I just about died when Amanda Seyfried and Gollum looked into each other’s eyes in horror. That line where Ted says, “You have ‘Give me the ring, my precious’ eyes,” completely reignited the Lord of the Rings fan inside of me and made me giddy with happiness over the fact that the movie was even referenced.

On another note, I enjoyed “Trainwreck” a lot more than I thought I would. I’m pretty sure most of the people in the theater were there to watch Lebron James (can’t blame them, he was great). I thought it was well worth it. There were some really awkward scenes in there, but it was still funny nonetheless.

I guess that’s all for now, folks. I’ll update you on some new summer adventures next time!


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