Conversations With W&M NAACP: A Call for a National Conversation

Since the 80s, our national politicians have spoken of the need for a “national conversation” on race. Similarly to previous usage of this phrase, no one is really sure what this entails.

Conversations with NAACP is a video series with the mission of starting conversations on a variety of topics so as to bring forth people’s perspectives, experiences, and opinions can to the larger community. Through these videos, people can gain some knowledge of the viewpoints that exist in their community, and be able to discern the differences between their own personal experience and others’ experiences. Thus, we as a community can have more well-informed conversations and more thoughtful interactions, which will eventually change our society for the better.

Thus, I ask, what is a national conversation on race? Does such a conversation begin at the community level or with politics? Could a conversation of this type be harmful or useless due to the enormity and diversity of our nation, or is it just what Americans need to open up their eyes and ears? Is it an easy or difficult task to have conversations on race with peers?


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