Letter to the Editor: A missing perspective

Dear Editor,

I recently had a chance to read the Flat Hat’s latest article, “Finishing with Funding: Senate Allocates Funds During Last Meeting of Semester” written by Sarah Smith. As a three-year employee of Steer Clear and the current director, I took issue with the article in a number of ways, including the Student Assembly labeling us a “dysfunctional organization.”

However, these inflammatory remarks are not what has me most upset about this article. What I am really concerned about is the fact that not once did a Flat Hat member make an attempt to reach out to Steer Clear for any sort of statement. Because of this, readers of the Flat Hat have been provided with one perspective, and as a newspaper, I believe it is your responsibility to present every side of the issue. I and my fellow executive board members who have read the article agree that it was very unprofessional of the Flat Hat to post this article without first consulting Steer Clear and we hope that in the future, your organization holds its writers to a higher standard.

Ryan Nary

Email Ryan Nary at rmnary@email.wm.edu


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