Last Lap Introduction: Jason Focarino


My name is Jason Focarino and here is a list of things I love in order of importance:

– Cookie dough

– The planet Neptune

– Realizing things

Taylor Medley / The Flat Hat
Taylor Medley / The Flat Hat

I am a senior majoring in History and minoring in Anthropology with plans to attend W&M’s School of Education for the 5-Year Masters Program. The new student experience and the potential new student experience are really important to me here on campus, so I love being involved with things like orientation and the admissions office.

I’m super stoked to share all the thoughts and feelings I will inevitably have over the next few months. Three years into college and I still don’t really know what terms like ‘balancing a checkbook’ or ‘having good credit’ mean. But, more importantly, I still don’t know whether to call it ‘Kaplan Arena’ or ‘William & Mary Hall’ – so let’s take this journey together!

Tune in here for Last Lap every couple weeks and I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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