Grill rotation provides variety, structured schedule


While the majority of us students spent winter break binging Netflix and lounging on the couch, the staff at Sadler was busy concocting a fancy new grill rotation for our enjoyment.
As advertised on napkin holders throughout the dining hall, each day will now bring a new grill specialty. You can start off your week on a high with grilled cheeses on Monday and end even higher with chicken nuggets on Friday.

Other days will bring such grill masterpieces as Italian sausage, quesadillas, buffalo chicken, and more.

I personally was thrilled to arrive back at campus to hear of this new development. Sadler is expanding its options past the usual hamburgers and grilled chicken sandwiches. This is a welcome development for students who have become tired of being limited by the same options every day.

Not only that, but now I can plan my day around what I eat in addition to my class schedule.
I will be comforted to know that I can easily cheer up with a quesadilla on Thursdays when I’m wondering how it’s possible that it’s still not Friday yet, and I can do so without having to relinquish a portion of my precious dining dollars to Qdoba.

I can also now have an extra day of chicken nuggets without feeling as though I spend more time (and money) at Chick-fil-A than I do anywhere else on campus.

Having a rotation provides every day with something special to look forward to. It makes each day unique in its own way, saving the week from feeling like a repeat of the same thing over and over again.

It also allows me to walk into Sadler with some idea of what to expect.

Yes, I could check the William and Mary app for the full menu, but the chances that I will think of that in advance or want to take the time to check are slim. If nothing else, I can at least know what special grill option is available, adding some peace of mind in case I find nothing else that appeals to my tastes that day.

This weekly schedule also gives me a touch of home. My family would eat many of the same meals for dinner every week, and I miss that predictability.

While all of the dining halls do offer the same things every day, I don’t automatically associate those options with different days, and they tend to feel overly predictable.

I don’t always want pizza when I can have it every day, but once a week is rare enough that I can continue to look forward to that buffalo chicken, no matter how many weeks in a row I have it.

Overall, this new rotation simply provides an additional option for how students would like to structure their meals, a positive for both students dying to change it up and those looking for a reliable meal schedule throughout their stressful weeks.

So thank you, Sadler, for switching things up (in addition to the new table arrangements) and giving us all something new to enjoy.

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