Q: What happens at the McLeod-Tyler Wellness Center? What kinds of services does it offer?

A: The Wellness Center offers a number of different services for student use. To start, there are “Wellness Applications” which are one credit, semester long courses that students can sign up for via Banner. While these vary by semester, they tend to focus on topics including creative arts, yoga, ecotherapy, meditation, flourishing, taijiquan and quigong. There are also free “Wellness Series” workshops and classes which professional faculty, students and staff members from the counseling center facilitate on a weekly basis. Some series last three to five weeks, while others continue for the entire the semester. Lastly, there are “Wellness Pop-Up Events” planned and facilitated by wellness ambassadors throughout the semester.

The true purpose of the Wellness Center is to help each person who enters the building discover what wellness looks like for them, whether that means they are sick and utilize the Health Center, come back for a follow up counseling appointment or perhaps just attend a yoga class.

All of these options fall underneath the umbrella of our services. We firmly believe that there are multiple ways to be well and try to reflect this truth by offering an array of free wellness series classes: expressive writing groups, yoga classes, nutrition workshops, creative arts groups, exercise-is-medicine walks, meditations, resilience and empathy classes, animal therapy sessions and many other workshops.

Massage therapy and Reiki services are available at the Wellness Center for an additional fee. These services are provided by licensed massage therapists or Reiki masters and are offered to students at a discounted rate.

Given their popularity, appointments need to be reserved at least 24 hours in advance. Additionally, Campus Recreation offers chair massages by massage therapists allowing offices, halls or groups to reserve wellness services at events around campus.

The value placed on student leadership is one of the many benefits of working alongside the Wellness Center’s staff.

Because of this, wellness ambassadors have felt comfortable enough to express the desire to share our personal wellness outlets with peers. Our involvement in event planning allows for the majority of the Wellness Center’s work to be a reflection of student needs and wishes.

As an expression of this leadership and of the beautiful diversity amongst WAs, many of us lead writing workshops, tea stations, essential oil workshops or empathy pop-ups around campus. We recognize that some students will find greater meaning in some activities than others and view that as one of the many benefits of an integrative approach.

So how do you find wellness on campus? I began by attending wellness workshops and series until I found the best fit for me.The yoga classes help to set — and often reset — the tone of my day. I also enjoy the creative arts classes because they remind me not to take myself too seriously.

Going with friends to comedy, dance or a cappella shows by other student groups is another outlet for me.

Out of all the information I could list out, the main thing I want to share is that these classes are not designed for experts. Simply put, they are invitations for us to take a moment to check in with ourselves. By making time for ourselves and engaging through a lens of curiosity, we nourish our stress-ridden community.

The Wellness Center is designed to serve the community by inviting us in to learn and co-create a culture that values well-being and self-care.

Madison Miller is a Wellness Ambassador at the Wellness Center.

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