The Student Assembly Budget: Visualized


April 2, over 60 students representing various media council publications and historically underfunded groups on campus such as UndocuTribe and Filipino-American Student Association, spoke during public comment about their opinions regarding the proposal to cap the Student Media Reserve Fund at $55,000. Many students commented about the disparity between money allocated to publications within Media Council versus underrepresented and minority groups on campus. To read more about how Student Assembly funds are distributed, read ‘Breaking down Student Assembly financial procedures‘. To take a look at the 2019-2020 budget yourself, keep reading.

Which types of groups are requesting funding and how much are they getting?

Each circle below colored by the group’s category and sized by the amount of money the respective group was allocated in the 2019-2020 Student Assembly budget. Drag the circles around to compare how much specific groups received versus other groups.


Let’s take a look at the whole budget.

Below is a treemap showing the breakdown of the overall Student Assembly budget. Hover over boxes without labels to see the group, its category and how much it was allocated.


How much are specific groups getting within their categories?

The dashboard below lets you see how much each group within each category requests, is allocated or is denied. Click on the tabs at the top to change the amount type you would like to see and select a group type from the drop down menu to see the dollar amounts for each group within that category.


Take a look at the data for yourself:


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