The Pedestrian Survival Guide


In another universe, Williamsburg could very much have been the cherished setting of a Grand Theft Auto video game. Seemingly, drivers in this charming hamlet operate their automobiles as if pedestrians — or their lives — are not at stake daily. Though students this year are not anticipated to traverse campus as regularly, it is still important to exercise caution due to the simple fact that cars, in the hands of reckless drivers, can be deadly. Since we at the Flat Hat want you to enjoy your freshman year as much possible, here are a few tips to help keep you in one piece during your final teenage years.

Crossing Jamestown Road between Ewell Hall and Campus Center

Incoming freshmen are lucky in the fact that they will never know what it was like to cross this road in a time before the pedestrian light. For those seeking something to nosh on from Marketplace, be sure to tap the crosswalk button before entering the zebra crossing. Make sure you look both ways as motorists tend to ignore the lights — especially in the night-time hours when students are not regularly seen crossing.

Crossing Ukrop Way between the Commons and Randolph/the Fraternity Complex

Having lived in the Botetourt Complex my freshman year, I soon realized that Ukrop Way could very well be my biggest on-campus enemy — other than self-doubt and 300-level economics courses. Though pedestrians are seen crossing at all times of day, the winding nature of this road along with its nature as one of the main on-campus vehicle transport routes makes it easy for students to get hit if they are not paying attention. If you find yourself in need to brave Ukrop, look both ways and stop for cars — they won’t stop for you. It does not hurt to use your phone’s flashlight if crossing at night. Most importantly, however, always watch out for drunk drivers.

Crossing by the Raymond A. Mason School of Business

At the carrefour of Jamestown Road and Ukrop Way lies the Mason School of Business. Maybe you’re walking to Ludwell and need to cross Jamestown, or perhaps you’re coming from Morton Hall — as much as we all joke that we’d like to get hit by a Lamborghini and have our outrageously overpriced tuition paid for, it is not wise to willingly put your life in danger over whimsical commentary on the state of U.S. higher education. Be patient when crossing and value your life over your time. Why are you in a rush anyway? If you’re a business student, you’re probably going to make the big bucks anyway.

By Sadler Center

In theory, this area should be your safe space — however, sometimes motorists will get comically lost and end up driving to Sadler Terrace. From a distance, make light of their error and go on with your day. Make sure you’re always watching your surroundings.

Crossing Richmond Road

When making Wawa or Chick-fil-A trips, you’ll have to cross Richmond Road. The zebra crossing by Blow Memorial Hall has a pedestrian light that you should click on when crossing in order to let motorists know. If a car seems adamant about not letting you cross, it’s best to wait the extra time and not take your chances. If possible, cross with a group so that cars can see you better. Due to the proximity to bars, at night you should watch for drunk drivers and utilise a flashlight if you don’t feel sufficiently seen by motorists — especially in dark clothing.


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