Letter to the editor: Statement from the Chinese Students and Scholars Association

The published article “Genocide demands action, attention” on Flat Hat made a series of unsubstantiated allegations toward the Chinese Students and Scholars Association at William & Mary. Our organization has been unfairly accused and discredited. We hereby make this solemn statement to clarify and reserve our right to take further actions.

The Organization and its affiliated individuals have never engaged in any activities that interfere with or harasses any individual or organization. The article accuses CSSA at W&M by citing information from other universities. However, each student union operates independently. It is completely illogical to use other chapters as evidence to make ungrounded allegations toward CSSA at W&M.

We have not participated in or engaged in any activities other than cultural exchanges. We have never directly or indirectly participated in any government projects (including the Talent Recruitment Program). CSSA at our school is a regular student organization officially registered under W&M. It is completely run by students, has no political affiliation, and does not serve any government or organization. Here, we do not want to comment on the politics of any country, but it is improper and unreasonable to politicize a student organization or use government actions as evidence to accuse our student organization.

In this article, the author made groundless accusations against the association’s constitution, and unjustifiably criticized the association’s restriction of membership based on nationality, race, etc. In fact, students from all over the world have participated in our previous activities. Instead of imposing restrictions, CSSA at W&M welcomes people with different backgrounds to form a tight-knit community. It is extremely absurd for the author to make improper comments and accusations without knowing the actual situation. Those skeptical of our statements and finances can also refer to CSSA’s page on Tribe Link for the official Constitution.

At the end of the article, the author made many unreasonable demands. Its allusions to CSSA’s failure in complying with the college’s policy constitutes a serious violation of our rights and interests. The content of the article implicates racist tendencies and xenophobic sentiments from the author. Given that, we strongly encourage the college to take immediate measures accordingly.

We believe that students have the right to publicly express their opinions, but they do not have the right to make groundless attacks or allegations against other people or organizations.

Email representatives of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association at wmcssa@gmail.com.


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