Simple steps to ease stress and to have a successful freshman year


I am very excited for the Class of 2025 to join us at the College of William and Mary. I wanted to share some tips that will help you succeed in college. Some things that I will share include how to stay organized, staying on top of your work, joining organizations, social activities and overall how to have a good freshmen year. Last year, when I was a freshman, I made sure to stick with these tips in order to make the most of my freshman year at the College. 

When it comes to staying organized, it is important to understand how you like to coordinate your tasks for the day. I highly recommend using a planner or agenda to map out your plans. It is important to use your calendar and mark off when you have final exams, midterms, social plans, household chores and marking due dates of projects and papers. Personally, I think it is beneficial to make a to-do list for each day. Another suggestion would be to create goals you want to accomplish for that week, such as doing laundry on a certain day. Many students use online calendars such as Google Calendar to map out what plans they have on certain days or even use the Notes app. When it comes to your dorm, it is important to use storage bins to stay organized and to ensure you don’t lose anything. This way, you will know where you placed things without mixing them up with others. 

While staying organized, it is important to prepare for your classes — obtaining textbooks, checking the syllabus before class, completing homework and being early for class. It is also important to set aside some time for studying for your classes. If you ever feel that you are struggling in one of your courses, you should go to your professor’s office hours to get help or clarification on anything you’re unsure of. Along with these suggestions, creating strong study habits in college will help you do well in your classes. 

Freshmen should also attend the activities fair to see the variety of organizations that the College offers, in order to find a sense of belonging with organizations they align with. Many students may join Fraternity and Sorority Life, publications, arts and cultural organizations and many more. Networking is also very important in college. Establishing these connections during your freshman year is a necessity in order to have an overall fantastic experience. Networking allows students to find connections that can lead to jobs and internships. 

Along with different organizations and networking, it is important to find activities that you enjoy doing in order to have a good freshman year. For example, I enjoy going on runs on the weekends, baking with friends and watching movies. 

By following these tips, College of William and Mary students can achieve a successful and organized freshman year.

Bushra Bablu 24 is a remote student planning to double major in government and economics. Bushra serves as an associate opinions editor for The Flat Hat and the business manager for Flat Hat Magazine. Outside of The Flat Hat, Bushra is also involved with One for the World and Women in Business. Email Bushra at 


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