SA passes outreach act, funds pronoun pins


Tuesday, Oct. 26, the College of William and Mary’s 329th Student Assembly passed two bills focused around increasing outreach in SA and the availability of pronoun pins for the student body. 

Class of 2022 President Suhas Suddala ’22 sponsored The Everybody Loves Outreach Act, which sought to increase SA’s presence on campus through more outreach initiatives. Senators expressed concern about whether or not dining services had been properly contacted regarding the use of napkin holders and coffee sleeves promoting SA initiatives. Overall, senators unanimously passed the bill. 

Senators also unanimously passed the Pronoun Pin Part 2 Act, sponsored by Class of 2024 President Vicka Heidt ’24, which funds $275 toward the creation and restocking of pronoun pins that will be handed out to students during tabling events. Through the distribution of these pins, the act aims to normalize speaking about one’s pronouns and to promote inclusivity. 

At the end of the meeting, the Class of 2025 president and senators presented ideas for potential projects they could undertake, including campus beautification and mental health and wellness initiatives. 

Also at this week’s meeting:


  • Sen. Sean Nguyen ’25 was nominated and approved to replace Sen. Eugene Lee ’23 as the new Media Council Liaison. 
  • Keri Broughton M.B.A. ’22 resigned from the Senate due to time constraints with her duties as a Graduate Council representative.
  • Senate Chair Owen Williams ’23 introduced the A-Frame Act, which would allocate $110 from SA Reserves for the purchase of an A-Frame that can be used by SA to advertise upcoming initiatives and events.
  • Nguyen also introduced the Labeling Who We Are Act, which would allocate $114.60 from the SA Reserves to fund the purchasing of name tags for the newly elected Class of 2025 representatives and Chair of the Review Board.



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