Student Assembly Student Body President Election to be Contested

For the first time in recent years, the race for Student Assembly President at the College of William and Mary’s will be contested.  Two pairs of students are running jointly for President and Vice President, which are John Cho ’23 and Jasmin Martinez ’23, as well as Conor Sokolowsky ’23  and Bryce Earley ’23.  Additionally, Mikayla Fulcher ’23 is running for Student Body President independently without a running mate for Vice President. 

Cho currently serves Chief of Staff for SA President Meghana Boojala ’22, while his running mate has not previously held a position in SA.  Sokolowsky is the current president for the class of 2023, while Earley serves as Secretary of Public Affairs in the SA cabinet.  Fulcher serves as the Deputy Secretary of Outreach for Campaigns.

Students interested in running for a position had to declare their candidacy by March 20, and are allowed to campaign for themselves between March 21 and election day.  All students at the College will be eligible to vote for both positions on March 31 via TribeLink, and the results of all SA elections will be available that night.


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