Tracking trends on campus: what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’ this semester?


“Ins and Outs” is a TikTok and Instagram phenomenon that aims to categorize trends, actions or things as “in” (positive, funny or good) or “out” (negative, boring or good).  Since school started, there’s been some time to consider and reflect on campus culture, and I have taken it upon myself to compile a list of some “ins” and “outs” for the College of William and Mary community for the fall 2022 semester. Let’s take a look at what’s hot and what’s not this semester, shall we? 


Crying in Swem

It’s that time of the year, folks. The line for Swemromas blocks the entrance to the library, your professors are cramming information because, yes, even on the fourth week of school, we’re five weeks behind, and you are now borderline nocturnal because of your newly developed unhealthy reliance on caffeine. It’s officially time for the first Earl Gregg Swem Library breakdown of the year. So, pack your tissues and move off to the third floor — that is, if you know how to cry silently.  

Air Purifiers/Dehumidifiers 

Regardless of which dorm, street or floor you live on, an air purifier is one grossly underrated yet absolutely essential item on your college packing list. At some point or another, we all could’ve sworn that the nagging sore throat after the first week on campus was either strep, freshman flu or some nasty fall allergies. Likely, it’s a combination of mold, dust, allergens and other unsavory pollutants invading your respiratory system. An air purifier will take care of all this and more — it can solve health problems you didn’t even know you had.

Actually doing your reading for class

If you’ve ever wanted nearly instant gratification, spend 45 minutes doing your assigned reading the day before class. Sometimes, college students get so burnt out and jaded that doing a little light (ahem, required) reading seems an insurmountable task. But if you can manage it, you feel like a genius when you can answer your professor’s discussion questions and as though you’re actually in control of your life — that is, for at least a few hours.  



Every fall semester, the students of the College prepare themselves for cool fall weather, excitedly looking forward to that first chill in the air signaling the turn of the seasons. And every year, like clockwork, we are reminded of our campus’ swampy reality — that it will be hot and oppressively humid until Thanksgiving. Brace yourself, Twamps: that sweat mustache you develop from a quick walk to class is going nowhere anytime soon.  

The “new” Daily Grind

What fresh new hell is this? The once shining, sacred, stand-alone student-saving grace has now been sacrilegiously stuffed into the sad cellar of the Sadler Center. I heard they don’t even call it The Daily Grind anymore. For shame. No number of new hours and Honey Do Lattes can repair the damage that has been done.

Yik Yak 

I never thought it would come to this; what once was a well-loved community guilty pleasure is now a bottomless pit of loathful negativity and vitriol. Were the middle school days of Ask.Fm not traumatic enough for you all? Did Saint Gossip Girl, patron of cyberbullying, not warn us about the dangers of anonymous posting boards?

These are a few of the very many College related “ins” and “outs” I could identify; hopefully my hot takes won’t stir up too much controversy. Keep a lookout for more as the overlapping holiday and finals seasons approach!

CORRECTION (10/4): The printed version of this article incorrectly states “’out’ (negative, boring or good).” The printed version should match the online version of this article and state “’out’ (negative, boring or good).”


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