William & Mary PBK Hall Inaugural Day | 15 Hour Timelapse

Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall began its reconstruction in 2019, demolishing the exterior structure and leaving only a loose framework of the former stage. Due to complications regarding the construction company and budget, the project was delayed, eventually reaching completion in May of 2023. Although at the time of the video’s upload (September 2023), there is still minor construction ongoing in the interior, the building has officially been opened for academic use for the Fall 2023 semester.

To commemorate the opening of the Theatre and Dance Department’s new home, the Leah Glenn Dance Company performed in the inaugural show, “Nine” inspired by Little Rock Nine on September 9th 2023.

This time-lapse depicts the Hall’s lobby from shortly before 9:00AM, past 9:00PM, and until roughly 11:45 PM for a round 15 hour shoot.


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