City of Williamsburg, Williamsburg Area Arts Commission fund Occasion for the Arts


Friday, Oct. 6 to Sunday, Oct. 9, An Occasion for the Arts hosted over 100 artists on Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, Va. AOFTA has hosted its annual free event in Williamsburg since its founding in 1969. An Occasion of the Arts was financially supported by the City of Williamsburg and the Williamsburg Area Arts Commission. 

“We are especially proud to draw outstanding artists from around the country on the first weekend in October each year,” AOFTA’s website reads. “We are equally proud of having an exceptional youth component to the show. We provide space for talented young people to display their work in partnership with Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center, a place for young people to create their own artwork.”

The festival included seven live performances from various artists, including musician Daniel Scruggs, pop-rock band Scrapper Tuesday and local band Joe’s Day Off. Art mediums from vendors ranged from displays of printmaking and photography to sculpture, glass and ceramics. 

In 2015, AOFTA began providing an endowment to the Williamsburg Community Foundation to support local art opportunities.

“The fund will provide grants to non-profit organizations and local schools in order to assure continued support of young artists in our area,” the 2015 WCF announcement said. “The fund will have an advisory committee of AOFTA volunteers that will develop guidelines and initiatives for grants.”

AOFTA Board of Directors president Amy Ahearn and AOFTA president Nancy Wigley were contacted for comment but did not respond before publication. 


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