Feb. 14 to Feb. 18

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February 23, 2007

3:14 PM

**Wednesday, Feb. 14 —** A resident adviser at Madison Hall called in to report the theft of food. The estimated value of the food was $40. **(1)**

p. **Thursday, Feb. 15 —** A student outside of Spotswood called to report that her bike was missing. The estimated value of the bike was $100. **(2)**

p. **Friday, Feb. 16 —** A suspect was arrested by the UC loading docks. The suspect, a Williamsburg resident, was arrested for trespassing. **(3)**

**Saturday, Feb. 17 —** A student found near the Alumni House was charged with alcohol possession. **(4)**
— A student reported vandalism in the Yates parking lot. Reported damage to the vehicle was $50. **(5)**
— A student who parked her car behind the UC reported an item stolen from her car. The reported cost of the hood ornament stolen was $200. **(3)**
— A trespass warning was given out to three non-students who were loitering near Matoaka Lake. **(6)**
— A non-student was arrested under a DUI charge on Jamestown Road and Matoaka Wood.**(7)**
Sunday, Feb. 18—A student at Ludwell reported that someone broke the side window on his vehicle. The investigating officer estimated $300 damage to the vehicle. **(8)**

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