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Campus Police Beat (Sept. 11 – Sept. 17)

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September 21, 2007

3:46 AM

**Tuesday, Sept. 11 —** A faculty member reported a stolen bike worth $100 from Andrews Hall. An officer was dispatched. **(1)**

p. **Wednesday, Sept. 12 —** A Chandler Hall student reported receiving threatening phone calls. **(2)**

p. **Thursday, Sept. 13 —** The superintendents’ trailers near the Integrated Science Center were spray painted. The estimated damage was $1,000. **(3)**

p. — A student reported his bicycle stolen from the bike rack outside the post office. It was worth $80. **(4)**

p. — A construction worker reported that his wallet was stolen. Its value is estimated to be $500. **(3)**

p. — A $260 bike was taken from Monroe Hall. The bike’s college tag was 10895. **(5)**

p. — An unregistered bike worth $100 was reported stolen from Dupont. **(6)**

p. **Saturday, Sept. 15 —** An officer met with Blow Hall Career Center staff about a stolen computer. Staff reported that nothing had been stolen. **(7)**

p. **Sunday, Sept. 16 —** A student at the Units was referred for underage possession of alcohol and being drunk in public. **(8)**

p. — A student reported that her purse was stolen at a Pi Kappa Alpha party the previous night. The purse was found but the contents were missing, including a wallet and phone. The total value was estimated to be around $350. **(9)**

p. — A bike, worth $100, was stolen from Monroe Hall. **(7)**

p. **Monday, Sept. 17 —** Staff at the University Center reported that credit card slips and $165 in cash had been stolen. **(10)**

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