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September 8, 2009

1:08 AM

The Flat Hat caught up with preseason all-CAA team member junior Erin Skipper to find out what her pre-game jam is and how she is handling all the accolades.

Song that gets you pumped up before a game:

“Imma Shine” [laughs]. That’s I-M-M-A Shine. It is by Young Jeezy.

On being selected to the preseason all-CAA team:

It is a great honor. It really shows how good our team is around me. I couldn’t do it without them. It really says great things about the team.

Who would you say plays “team Mom?”

[Laughs] I would have to say all of our seniors each play a separate motherly role in their own way. Each of them has that motherly touch that truly brings together this team.

Favorite Class:

Human Anatomy. I would like to do something in the field of physical therapy, so this class really interested me.

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